Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Braid

WOW!  Found this adorable hairstyle on Facebook, but no tutorial.  After hunting around through all the comments, I was able to find the original "creator" of this beauty - LORI!  Hair by Lori is where YOU can find her on Facebook.  She's planning on doing a you-tube tutorial for this style and I'm personally looking forward to it as my tree is a little skinny and doesn't look exactly like a tree, but was fun to try!

Are you doing anything fun with your girl's hair for Christmas?  What about your own?  I think the beautiful Compass Rose makes the perfect star at the top of this braided tree with the Crimson Joy as a present wrapping up the style at the bottom.  What do you think?

Adding our LATEST trial on Mimi with the Sparkling Snowflake - available January and the Festive Fallen Leaf - available NOW!!!  :)

Sadly - both the Crimson Joy and the Compass Rose (from the first pics) are sold out on my website but I have BOTH of them in stock!  Contact me through my facebook page

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