Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday BOWquet! DIY

So what do you get for a sweet soon-to-be five year old that tells you, "Mommy, just get me whatever YOU think I would like" for her birthday?  Pinterest to the rescue!  I'm a little obsessed.  Can you tell?  I knew there just had to be something fun and special for my "Sweet T".  And I found the cutest bow bouquets and the price was AH-mazing.  The only problem was, there weren't any available - poor girl probably figured out she couldn't make money with the great price she was charging.  So, with a little MORE help from Pinterest - I found tutorials and wah-lah.  Here's the birthday BOWquet.

OK, so my presentation needs work - there was no tutorial for presentation, but I've got to say - the individual bows were overall, pretty easy.  You can find tutorials for them on my pinterest fabric crafts board.  Here's a few close-ups so you can admire my handiwork one by one.

 This peach one is SO easy and looks amazing - NO sewing, just a little hot glue and felt.

 These boutique-style bows were definitely the hardest.  I'm not sure why, but they just aren't as crisp or stiff as the real thing.  It took a couple of tries to get the twisting and turning right and I'm pretty good with bows having grown up in a flower shop.

I just HAVE to share the tutorial for the one above.  This lady has a bunch of girls and she's not afraid to go BIG with her clips and her tutorial is just so great and her pictures are so beautiful that you really should check out her blog.

 The felt ones were all made by my kiddos.

Now, while Pinterest IS an awesome tool for inspiration, just a little reminder to be careful what you search for.  Let's just say that trying to find a homemade, washable face paint for my toddler, turned into a rather x-rated adventure, when I was a little too vague with my search terms.

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