Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Tassimo House Party

I LOVE House Party.  And I have good reason to love House Party.  Ever since I applied to host my first party in the spring of 2010, I've experienced some pretty awesome products and been able to share some pretty special gifts with my guests.  If you've never heard of House Party - stop on by their website and sign up to receive notifications for upcoming parties.  Basically, it's a marketing program, kinda like a Pampered Chef type of deal, except there's no consultant and your guests don't buy anything.  The hostess is selected based on a survey she fills out and then shipped a hostess package from the company she is hosting the party for.  These hostess packages can be as simple as a coupon for a free product that you pick up at your local super market and then make and serve to your friends or they can include some pricey items that you may not buy for yourself, like the water bath canner I got from Ball.  Oh yet, the parties that I like to apply for are the ones that either have really great gifts for the guests (like free Shutterfly Photo Albums) or a really great hostess gift - like the BRAND NEW TASSIMO machine that I got from Tassimo!!!

Yep, there it is.  My own FREE brewer.  PLUS they hooked my guests off with 40% off discount codes for purchasing their own machines as well as lots of free coffee on party day.  AND when you register your Tassimo machine, you get two packages of t-discs sent to your home for free!  I have to say, with all the parties I host, this is an ideal appliance.  I LOVE to have people over, and I LOVE to cook and serve goodies, but beverages are always a challenge, especially when it comes to the hot ones.  That is no longer an issue for my parties.  From now on, my guests can have whatever their little hearts desire - decaf, regular, latte, tea, hot chocolate - oh yes, we can do it all.  And BEST of all is that I don't have to be at the ready, my guests can serve themselves and my family will have an easy go-to gift for me for birthdays and holidays.  I'm not ready to give up my regular coffee maker yet, I'm just too cheap to drop 50 cents a cup on a daily basis, but I'll definitely be looking forward to my latte splurge before church on Sundays.

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